YAOiFEST Volunteers

General Volunteering

YAOiFEST always needs volunteers to help out in the following areas:

Con Ops: this includes security, registration desk, con communications, general labor, the vendors room, artist liason, etc.
Public Relations: getting the word out at other conventions, posting posters, working on graphics, website work, sending out press releases, etc.
Exhitbions: Assisting with the Vendor room, Artist Alley and Silent Auctions.
Events: Assisting with our Events room, this includes Cosplay, Bishounen Auction, Opening/Closing ceremonies, Karaoke, etc.
Programming: Assisting with the Panels, A/V rooms, Con-suite
YAOiFEST Flirt: Our 16+ event. We need help with security, decorations, dj-ing, food preparation, as well as to work in our Host Club/Cafe.

Bishies and Butlers 

Bishies, or bishounen(beautiful boys) will be bid on at our bishounen auction. The winner of the bid shares an hour of the bishounen’s time(no sexual activity of any sort will take place during this hour).

We also have need of butlers for our butler café. Butlers will serve food and drink during tea service.

Want to be a Bishie?


If you’re coming to YAOiFEST from outside of Calgary and you have an empty spot in your car, consider signing up to be a Carpooler so you can help another yaoifan get to the con!  If you live in Calgary and have a guest room or a comfy couch, sign up to be a host for an out of town yaoi fan. We’re all in it together!

Thanks for your interest in volunteering for YAOiFEST 2010! Contact us here