Short Shorts Writing Contest

Short Shorts Rules:
• Please submit electronically to yaoifestcontests@gmail.com
• In submission e-mail include
o Must be M/M
o Rating
o Title, if available
o Real Name. Please specify if there in an alias that you want the work under
• Submissions must be received by Midnight June 1st 2010
• Can be crack, comfort, angst, fluff, ect
• Please limit gore and violence of the works. This is not a graphic horror contest.
• Characters must be over 18 (no shota) and living (no Necro, vampire things are fine)
• Yaoifest reserves the right to disqualify any entry that does not follow the rules.

Short Shorts necessities
• The story must between 350 and 2500 words.
• Title
• Author
• Author rating (this can be changed at the digression of Yaoifest)
o Lemon 18+
o Lime 16+
• Must demonstrate M/M or F/F