YAOiFEST Registration

YAOiFEST Fun - Sat June 26 - Sun June 27 2010

YAOiFEST is pleased to offer two different events for yaoi fans. YAOiFEST Convention and YAOiFEST Flirt. The Convention for 18+ will be held Saturday and Sunday June 26-27 2010. We will be hosted at SAIT Polytechnic in the MA Heritage Hall. 1301 – 16 Avenue NW Calgary, Alberta T2M 0L4 Canada. Our Convention is for 18+ only but our Flirt event is 16+ so if you're a younger yaoi fan, be sure to register now!

YAOiFEST FLIRT (16+) - Fri June 25 2010

YAOiFEST Flirt for our younger fans will be held Firday June 25 2010, back at the Parkhill Community Center. 4013 Stanley Road SW Calgary, Alberta View Map

YAOiFEST Edmonton Excursion - Get Ready for 2011!

Do you want to come to YAOiFEST but you don't know how to get to Calgary or where to stay? If you're from Edmonton, don't despair! With enough interest, we will set up a package deal! Travel, accomodation, registration and tickets will all be included, all you have to cover is food!


If you want to come to YAOiFEST but don't know how to get to Calgary or where to stay, we may have options for you! YAOiFEST will be posting carpooling and accomodation info under 'Travel'. Also check out the Forum!

Proof of Age

You must produce valid government ID indicating that you are 16 on or before June 25th, 2010 to enter YAOiFEST Flirt and you must produce valid government ID indicating that you are 18 on or before June 26th, 2010 to enter YAOiFEST's convention. YAOiFEST reserves the right to reject any registrants whose proof of age appears tampered with, fraudulent or illegible. If you have purchased a registration fraudlently YAOiFEST will not be held responsible for refunds or other costs associated with your registration. If any Attendee is found to be underage they will be removed from the premises and barred from future Yaoifests.


When your registration is received it will be processed and you will get a confirmation e-mail. Present your photo ID for identification and you will receive your badge and/or swag bag at the registration desk. If you do not recieve a confirmation e-mail within two weeks of registring, please send an e-mail to: yaoifestregs@gmail.com


Fri, June 25
Sat, June 26
Sun, June 27
June 26-27
YAOiFEST Flirt and Con June 25-27
  Paid Before June 15 $20 CAD Paid Before June 15 $20 CAD Paid Before June 15 $40 CAD Paid Before June 15
$50 CAD
At Door $15 CAD At Door $22.50 CAD At Door $22.50 CAD At Door $45 At Door $60

Yaoifest accepts payments by cashier’s cheque or money order. We can also accept payment via Paypal donation to yaoifest@gmail.com. Please make all checks out to ‘Yaoifest – Canadian Yaoi Convention’ in Canadian funds. Mail-in registration information and payment must be received by June 21st 2010. Mail payments to:

PO Box 76171
Millrise RPO
Calgary, AB, Canada
T2Y 2Z9

I Want to Register!

To register, please fill out and email our registration form pdf or registration form -Word doc. After you have completed filling out the form, email it to yaoifestregs@gmail.com. You can go to Paypal where you can donate the cost of your registration directly to YAOiFEST through paypal. If you cannot pay through Paypal, then follow the mail-in payment instructions above. As soon as YAOiFEST recieves your payment, you will be officially registered with the convention.

Thank you for registering and helping to make YAOiFEST a success!