YAOiFEST Programming


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Firday June 25 2010

Saturday June 26 2010

Sunday June 27 2010

Artist Alley and Vendors

Rain Man
Quaked Plush
Attic Raiders
Loudya Foumier


Paperstreet Cosplay
Holidays on the Hill
Aids Calgary - our Charity!
Victor's Games
Consignment Table - with original manga, pins and more you won't find anywhere else!
Dreamspinner Press
Seyeco Images : Photo Ops!

1 Person: $10.00
2 People: $15.00
3+ People: $20.00
(1-4 Pictures per session will be given, over 4 pictures there will be an additional charge of $5 per picture)

I will be able to provide digital copies on CD's for the customers and depending on the amount of people either right away or at the end of the day they will receive their copy.

For more info about SeyeCo Images please contact Kerim Aktug Seyeco.Images at shaw.ca

Panel Room

~ Intro to AMV :
Basics of making AMV’s with Windows Movie Maker.
~ Essential Hentai :
Essentials for Hentai Collections.
~ Bishie Basics :
is about the Diffrences of bishies by age for males and gender. and a brife history of the Term Bishounen
~ Japanese 101 :
Beginner Japanese
~ Japanese 201 :
Intermediate Japanese
~ Manga Drawing Techniques :
Learn the techniques of creating Manga, the japanese comic!
~ Yuri Panel :
The best of Yuri, and all the good stuff that goes with it, don't miss out!
~ Plot Structure: A Keystone for Strong Storytelling :
The nuts and bolts of building a better story, both short story and novel length.
~ Creating the Original Character :
This will be a walk through guide to putting together the perfect character. From the name to their skills and role of your story.
~ Writing Romance: Turning Love Scenes into Sex Scenes :
How to get those emotions moving in rhythm with those bodies to create a balance between the carnal and the caring.
~ Headgear: Artistic Hat Making : Sign Up Now - limited space!
Paperstreet Cosplay will provide bases for solid-style Mini Lolita top hats and bags full of goodies for the attendees to pick and decorate their hats with. We will go through the process of making a hat and give tips on how to decorate the hats themselves. We are charging $15 per person to cover the costs of hats and materials and everyone gets to keep their hat when they're done.
~ Yaoi and Yuri and Anime Jeopardy :
Put your wits to the test and compete for top scores in our homemade version of Jeopardy!
~ Para Para Dance :
You don't know how to do the Para Para Dance? Or you want to show of your mad Para Para skillz? Come on in!
~ Homosexuality in the Ancient World:
From the Ancient Greek philosophers to the Italian Renaissance artists- learn the in’s and out’s of homosexuality across a multitude of different cultures and how it shaped our world today. Covering Greece, Rome, China, and the Renaissance. Trivia and prizes at the end!
~ Japanese Gay Culture: A Brief History :
Learn the history behind the drawings. Beginning with the iconic Samurai and going all the way up to the Internet age. Learn why homosexuality has such a lasting impact on the Land of the Rising Sun. Trivia and prizes at the end!
~ Slash and Fanfiction :
General writing tips, how to make it big in fanfiction, the lingo of fanfiction, fandoms in general and how to survive the drama, and finally, how to write an acurate gay sex scene even though you're female.


Immoral Combat: The Hard Gay Edition

Dōmō Hādogei dēsu! Which Hard Gay is the hardest? Come watch a rainbow of Hard Gays duke it out in a Street Fighter inspired tournament! Foooo!

Hard Gay animated sprite avatar

Cosplay Contest

Bishonen Auction

Come bid on your boy or boys in our Bishounen Auction.

Host Club

A/V Room

See our schedule for a listing of shows!


Edmonton Excursion - Get Ready for 2011!

YAOiFEST is considering offering Edmonton Excursion travel, accommodation and registration package deals for its Edmontonian attendees. If you are interested, get registered now, and let us know! With enough interest we will put this offer together for Yaoifest 2011!


Thank you for your interest in YAOiFEST's programming and we look forward to seeing you at the Convention!