YAOiFEST's Program book is a booklet with a color cover. Time and funds permiting it will include write ups and features, as well as the winners of YAOiFEST's writing, art and manga contests.

YAOiFEST Presents(Coming Soon)

YAOiFEST's online publication. Photos of past events, winners of YAOiFEST's various contests, con wrap-ups, YAOiFEST Featured people, and articles on companies that made YAOiFEST happen will be found here.

Advertising Info

Information on YAOiFEST's Advertising opportunities. Information on web banners, program book advertising, placement on our supporters page, sponsorship packages all can be found here!

YAOiFEST Promo(Coming Soon)

Interested in what YAOiFEST is doing for Promotions? Want to look at YAOiFEST's various promotional materials? Need a YAOiFEST webbanner to put in your signature? Look no further!

Mascot Contest

We have a winner for our 2010 Mascots Contest! Congrats to Kaitlyn Kathrens on her entry "For Love is Immortal". You can see her lovely Fox Boii's as displayed above.

Get ready for our 2011 Mascots Contest - more details to come soon!

Find out who won our Mascot Contest for 2009. The winner of the Mascots Contest have thier work featured on t-shirts, buttons and YAOiFEST's Program Book Cover.

AIDs Calgary

Yaoifest Charity for 2009.

Since 1983, AIDS Calgary Awareness Association has helped people learn about, prevent and live with HIV/AIDS. Proceeds from YAOiFEST's Silent Auction are donated to AID's Calgary. Be sure to learn more about AIDs Calgary's efforts in informing people about HIV and AIDS, helping improve the quality of life for people living with AIDS and combatting predjudice and misconceptions!

Press Affiliates

If you're interested in attending YAOiFEST with a press pass, please send an e-mail to YAOiFEST.

Thanks for your interest in YAOiFEST Press!