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Yaoifest is a convention for Boy’s Love and Yuri fans being held at SAIT Polytechnic in Heritage Hall, Calgary, Alberta Canada. June 26-27 2010.

Yaoi refers to a subgenre of romantic anime and manga that focuses on male beauty and passion for a female audience. Boy’s love refers to a wider range of media, including western gay-themed novels, movies, television shows and comics.

Yuri refers to a subgenre of romantic anime and manga that involve love between women.

Attendance is expected to be a minimum of 200. The attendees will be young women and men between the ages of 18 to 35, with most under 25. Boy’s love and Yuri fans have a variety of overlapping interests, from ball-jointed dolls, to corsetry, costuming and alternative clothing styles, to Asian culture and New Age.  Many Boy’s Love and Yuri fans are also artists and writers.

Yaoifest will be a high energy event with lots of fun. Yaoi and Yuri fans are enthusiastic and highly involved with and loyal to their fandom.

Artist Alley

Located within the Vendor's Hall, YAOiFEST’s artist alley will not be missed.  Get your section now!

Vendors Room

Space is available in YAOiFEST's vendor room. Vendors can book single tables, multiples or u-booths.

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