YAOiFEST Contests

Expose your genius! Gain friends and fans! Kick sand in the eye of the beach bully! Submit to YAOiFEST’s contests!

Please note: Do not submit Shota or any artwork/written work that depicts underage characters to any of YAOiFEST’s contests. Unless otherwise indicated prizes are items donated to YAOiFEST by supporters and/or YAOiFEST merchandise. Contests may be cancelled due to lack of entries.

YAOiFEST will be hosting the following contests:

Cosplay Contest - View Cosplay Rules here

Show off your threads and strut your stuff at YAOiFEST’s Cosplay Contest. Judging will be at the convention. Register your entry now and you could be selected to be a featured cosplayer on our site.

For Any Entry
·         Please submit electronically to yaoifestcontests@gmail.com
·         In submission e-mail include
o   Series
o   Pairing, must be M/M or F/F
o   Rating
o   Title, if available
o   Real Name.  Please specify if there in an alias that you want the work under
·         Submissions must be received by Midnight June 1st 2010
·         Can be crack, comfort, angst, fluff, ect
·         Please limit gore and violence of the works.  This is not a graphic horror contest. 
·         Characters must be over 18 (no shota) and living (no Necro, vampire things are fine)

·         Yaoifest reserves the right to disqualify any entry that does not follow the rules. 

Short Shorts Writing Contest - Click to see rules

Plot bunnies hopping through your brain? Let them out to play! Submit to YAOiFEST’s Short Shorts contest!

The deadline for YAOiFEST’s original Boy’s Love fiction contests, Short Shorts, is June 1st, 2010. The maximum word count is 2500 words. Submit to two categories, Lemon for stories rated mature(18+) and Lime for stories rated Teen(16+). YAOiFEST reserves the right to place work in the appropriate category. Prizes to be determined.

Download Rules in a Word Doc!

YAOiFEST Art Contest

Got a super hot or super kawii piece burning a hole in your portfolio? Submit it to YAOiFEST’s Art Contest!

The deadline for YAOiFEST’s Art Contest is June 1st, 2010. There are two categories. The first is Lemon for anything rated mature(18+), the second is Lime, anything appropriate for a teen audience. YAOiFEST reserves the right to place work in the appropriate category. Prizes to be determined.

More Info!


Love boys who love boys? Love putting boys who love boys to music? Submit to YAOiFEST’s AMV Contest! The deadline for YAOiFEST’s AMV Contest is June 12th, 2010.

More Info!

Mini-Manga Contest - Get Ready for 2010!

Have a really, really tiny manga plot bunny? Have a riveting story of Boy’s Love in six pages or less? Submit to YAOiFEST’s original mini-manga Contest. The deadline for YAOiFEST’s Mini-Manga Contest is June 1st, 2010.

Fan-Fic, Fan-Art & Doushinji Contests - Click to see rules

Ah, the appropriation of other’s intellectual property to your own devious (and delicious) ends. Got a fan work you're really proud of? Submit it to YAOiFEST’s Fan Fic, Fan Art and Doushinji contests. Crack or comfort, we want it all. The deadline for all YAOiFEST’s derivative work contests is June 1st, 2010.

Download rules in a Word Doc!

Contest Entry Form-Word doc or Contest Entry Form pdf.

Please email in your entry form and entries to yaoifestcontests@gmail.com