Find Out By Signing Up For YAOiFEST’s Bishounen Auction!

Want to be bid on by girls(or boys or both, your choice)? Then be part of our Bishounen Auction! Proceeds raised go to benefit future YAOiFESTs!

As a Bishie you can also decide to help YAOiFEST out in the following ways:

Promotions--bishies are needed to come to other cons and help promote yaoifest, accomodations and travel will be provided
YAOiFEST Ambassador Bishie--get noticed at YAOiFEST, be an official Bishie Ambassador
Bishie Sketches--pose for sketches during a life-drawing panel
Flirt Club--Be on the menu at YAOiFEST's Flirt Club
Flirt Butler--Help out with a high tea service during YAOiFEST's Flirt Event

Contact our Bishonen Coordinator Brandon halfbloodprince56@hotmail.com if you would like to volunteer to be a Bishie. Yes you can be a girl, and yes you can Cosplay if you like, but it's not mandatory. Do dress up nicely please. Yes you can even crossplay if you like, whatever makes you comfortable!

Bishounen Auction Rules

Thanks for your interest in being a YAOiFEST Bishie!